In July 2023, a FREE MOBILE CLINICAL initiative organized by NHMI (CIDA,) consisting of bringing bringing life-saving medical care directly to the communities took place in HAHOMEGBE (a village located 15Km from Noste).

The mobile clinic set up that month was a bold step towards accessibility to health care for all and a means of evangelization.

The Free Mobile Clinic: An Innovative Concept
The July 2023 mobile clinic was conceived as a direct response to accessibility challenges to the medical care that many communities face. Rather than wait that patients come to a medical facility, this clinic took the road to go to their meeting. The innovative concept of the mobile clinic has made it possible to overcome the barriers geographical and economic, thus offering quality care to a wider audience for free.

Services Offered The mobile clinic has been equipped to provide a full range of essential medical services. Highly qualified doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals from the USA and TOGO have joined forces to offer medical consultations, screening examinations, vaccinations, health advice and even the distribution of medicines on the spot. This has made it possible to meet a wide range of health needs within communities of the served.