Dear Partners and Friends,

This catalog highlights ten key areas in which New Harvest Missions International brings hope and love to Christians in Muslim West Africa. It offers a snapshot of the wide range of projects through which we assist the church in the areas we are serving.

It is a great encouragement to see how the Lord uses your prayers, commitment, and gifts to transform the lives and situations of the church in the communities we are serving in Muslim West Africa. No matter what its size, every donation can make a big difference to our Christian brothers and sisters who live in contexts where the church struggles to survive and grow.

Please prayerfully consider your response to the needs set out in this catalog and give what you can. Please also encourage others in the entourage to do the same. Thank you so much for partnering with New Harvest Missions International.

May Christ be born afresh in our hearts as we celebrate his birth until he comes again.


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Alliance Christian Academy construction Project in Southeast Presbytery.

The Southeast region in Togo is one of the most neglected regions in Togo. The region often faces chronic unemployment and most of the people are subsistence farmers and cannot afford to send their children to a quality Christian school. Few local public educational options are available and many children struggle to enroll in schools because it is overcrowded. Even those who may have enrolled face risks of not completing their elementary education. Quality education comes with a heavy cost and underprivileged children do not have the possibility to receive a good education. As a result, so many remain illiterate with a high rate of poverty in the region. The local officials have difficulty providing the educational needs of the communities. The goal of this project is to build a Christian elementary school to provide a supportive, learning environment that will be the first of its kind in the Southeast Presbytery. Gifts to this fund will be used to build the school.

Total Funds Need for this project: $40,000



Motorcycles for church planters & rural pastors.

A district pastor is responsible for three to four congregations in remote areas. Gifts to this fund will help a district pastor to serve the distant congregations and preaching stations. It will also help with leadership Issues, discipleship, outreach, and the prayer needed to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are looking to purchase three motorcycles this time. With $1,600, you can provide one motorcycle for a district pastor or church planter, or you could help share the cost with your gift.

Total Funds Need for this project: $4,800



Creating stable and profitable kingdom-focused businesses for local church members in Togo.

This project is designed to help individuals, churches, and groups where NHMI is serving, with an opportunity to establish viable businesses by providing local church members in areas where NHMI is serving with skills needed to operate, manage and grow their own small businesses. By doing so, it will help them support their families, send their children to school, provide for their daily needs, and reduce the cycle of poverty while helping their local churches become self sustaining as more church members support, and give their own offerings and tithes.

Total Funds Need for this project: $8,000



A symbol of hope; a place for ministry & worship.

Congregations in West Africa often lack a permanent structure to use for worship services and fellowship, which exposes them to a host of problems. Their meetings and ministries are also hindered simply because they do not have space to gather as a church family. The cost of building a chapel in the areas where NHMI is serving, is $14,000. Your gift helps us build and repair buildings. A gift of any size can help provide decades of safer worship. With others sharing the cost, a church can be built! A permanent place of worship varies in costs to construct, depending on size, location, and available materials. You could provide a church building for $14,000, or you could help share the cost with your gift.

Total Funds Need for this project: $14,000



Children sponsorship: a Christ-centered education.

Bridge of Hope is a NHMI sponsorship program that matches donors with underprivileged children in rural communities of Togo West Africa. These children are at risk of not receiving a solid education. The goal of this project is to provide funds to continue quality Christian education and to reduce the learning gap between rural and urban students. It will also facilitate spiritual transformation and development of the students through the clear teaching of the gospel. The sponsorships provide textbooks and helps offset school overhead. Many students’ parents who are subsistence farmers cannot afford to send their children to quality Christian schools. Your sponsorship ensures meals, spiritual care, scholastic tutoring, tuition, school materials, health care, uniforms, and the opportunity to learn in a Christian environment.

Total Funds Need for this project: $5,000



Southeast Presbytery health education initiative project.

Throughout the Southeast region of Togo, there is a huge need for health education based on the understanding that we are created by God in His image. A lack of understanding of basic health issues causes a lot of fear and misconceptions about what makes us sick and how we can remain healthy. These funds will be used primarily to coordinate medical support via NHMI, US. Medical short-term teams, and working with local congregations in Southeast Presbytery in Togo will help provide teaching aimed at improving the health of local communities, while empowering and equipping the church to reach their communities with the love of Jesus, through works of mercy in word and deed. Some topics include: hand washing, malaria prevention, proper nutrition, managing blood pressure, women’s health and honoring God with our bodies.

Total Funds Need for this project: $5,000



Provide a rural medical clinic in Southeast Presbytery.

NHMI organizes a short-term medical clinic in impoverished villages with the help of medical teams of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals from the U.S. Gifts to this fund will help provide free medical care and helps families that lack access to life-saving treatment, to church members suffering and dying from treatable diseases or have never been taught basic hygiene. One medical clinic may serve 1,000 to 2,000 people while empowering and equipping churches to reach their communities with the gospel of grace.

Total Funds Need for this project: $5,000



Improve Market Garden results for our rural church members.

The Southeast Presbytery of Togo is home to a large number of small farmers making a subsistence living, sometimes barely enduring until the next rainy season. Gifts to this fund will primarily allow us to work with rural churches and their communities in the Southeast Presbytery to help church members learn valuable methods for farming, resource management, and family living according to Biblical principles. NHMI is working with the Presbytery to help set up development committees in every local congregation to improve the livelihood of the communities and help church members become models for the implementation of agricultural activities. These new agricultural techniques, such as compost-making, crops, and farming will improve the socio-economic conditions, increase production, change consumption habits, lower debt and improve health, provide financial resources to churches and church members, and provide income for the Presbytery.

Total Funds Need for this project: $10,000.



  • Issue of Safety: Without a nearby safe water source, women and children make multiple trips daily, walking countless miles and spending hundreds of hours fetching their drinking water from dangerous polluted water sources.
  • Issue of Education: Children, often young girls, are kept from school to collect the dirty and contaminated water that frequently induce water-borne illnesses, causing students to fall behind from missing classes.
  • Issue of Poverty: Ultimately, when the children do not attend school, they are not prepared to work outside of the home. Unable to earn an income, they remain in a cycle of poverty.

This project will provide safe, clean water for a village to thousands of families in the Southeast Presbytery congregations in Togo. Having clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, and washing will reduce the spread of waterborne illnesses so church members and their communities can go to school and work to provide for their families. Gifts to this fund will not only provide water that is safe for drinking, cooking and washing, but also promote health and improve the economic status of the villagers in the Presbytery.

Total Funds Need for this project: $14,000



Furnish the new administration building.

The new administration building of NHMI’s new headquarters in Lomé is finally complete. Thanks to many of you in the USA who have generously contributed to this project. We plan to dedicate this building on April 2023. We will now have a place to house up to 90 students in three classrooms and more than 200 in the conference room. We will need desks, chairs, computers and components, printers, copiers, shelves for the library, office furniture, whiteboards for classrooms, waiting room chairs, office furniture, and many others. We must furnish this building and be ready to start in April 2023. Would you help us furnish this administration building? To make disciples, we need to provide a safe place in which our national pastors, students, and leaders can grow spiritual maturity as we continue to work on the guesthouses, dormitory, chapel and dining hall.

Total Funds Need for this project: $30,000



Equipping church leaders to strengthen and mature their churches.

NHMI leadership seminar helps train and send national missionaries to unreached people, especially among Muslims. These funds will be used primarily to teach and train local pastors, church planters, and ruling elders to become effective and gain biblical knowledge and leadership skills. During this training, they have the opportunity to talk about their own challenges, pray for each other, and be coached by their senior pastors on how to support other believers.

Total Funds Need for this project: $9,000



Southeast Presbytery church planting Initiative project.

Planting new churches in the Southeast region of Togo is one of the primary means of expanding the kingdom in Voodoo’s predominant region and stronghods. Gifts to this fund will help coordinate, encourage, and provide resources for church planting, evangelism, discipleship, and church development/ revitalization efforts of the Southeast Presbytery and churches.

Total Funds Need for this project: $10,000

Total Funds needed for all the ministry projects: $154,800.


All funding of these projects is made possible only by the love and generosity of supporters like you. If the Lord lays it on your heart to make a gift to help with NHMI ministries projects in Muslim West Africa, be assured that your generosity will bring real hope and joy to Christian brothers and sisters in great need.

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